Fuck Off Ring

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The perfect ring for your middle finger when you flip someone off. We do it enough. Ring or middle finger, you choose!

  • Width:4mm 
  • Thickness:2mm 
  • In U.S. sizes

Customer Reviews

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Sunshine H.
Perfect fit

I previously ordered a rose gold ring but in a size 6. Turns out that's too tight, so I gave that to my niece, so she can say it without saying it, and I ordered a new one, this time a silver size 7. Much better fit and now I know what size works best for me. Also I wear it every day, on the middle finger. ;)

10/10 Favorite Ring Ever!

Solid ring. I wear mine 24/7 and it takes a bunch of abuse and still going strong! I wear this on my middle finger, because well FUCK OFF!

Raquel R.
Love it

The ring is more beautiful in person. I was afraid that the thickness would be too bulky and be annoying when my fingers were close together, but it's not. The rose gold is beautiful and I can't wait to wear this out in public (post covid).

Best piece of jewelry

This is my new favorite ring! It's small enough to be mistaken for just a metal band so I can wear it to work but whenever I'm asked about it it's a great piece to show off!

Elizabeth G.

Badass ring! If my face doesn’t say it, my ring definitely will. Obsessed with this ring! I haven’t taken it off since I bought it. Highly recommend