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    All of the reviews we've received from our badass customers!
    Based on 3338 reviews
    Not today!!!

    Loved it! Got so many compliments on it!!

    Cute with purpose!

    I love the look of these glasses! They are super light weight and comfortable to wear. I can definitely tell a difference. My eyes are less fatigued after a long day.

    Anxiety can suck it

    When I wear this necklace it makes me feel like my anxiety is manageable, not so big, and that I can over come anything. It is perfect. It won’t cure my anxiety but it definitely makes me like I can at least kick its ass every now and then.


    I bought this set for a friend's birthday. It was shipped and delivered quickly and I was very happy with the quality. The engraving is easily read up close but also discreet enough to just look like a stylish accessory from far away. I love that they are a simple design that you can really wear with anything. My only concern was that I know I have fat wrists and struggle to find bangles that I can even get on or don't dig in. But these fit me perfect, they have plenty of give. My friend loved them and now I'm definitely planned ng on picking a set out for myself.

    Love them!

    These are not only cute, they also save my noggin from pounding headaches from staring at my computer for 10 hours a day.


    Loved this mug! Perfect size. Even more cute in person!

    Fucking amazing

    I absolutely fucking love my mug! No complaints whatsoever.

    Kitty Approved!

    I'm obsessed, my cat Callie O'Malley is obsessed, thoroughly happy with the purchase :)

    I mean what’s not to love!!

    It’s lightweight but also enough to just sit on the couch and chill with. I have a king size bed and turned it vertically so it could fit perfectly because it’s more for a twin maybe Queen. But who cares it’s the best money I’ve spent all year lol.

    Absolutely love this hoodie

    Not only does it make me happy and answer stupid questions for me it is super soft and comfortable.
    Highly recommend

    Perfect fit

    I previously ordered a rose gold ring but in a size 6. Turns out that's too tight, so I gave that to my niece, so she can say it without saying it, and I ordered a new one, this time a silver size 7. Much better fit and now I know what size works best for me. Also I wear it every day, on the middle finger. ;)

    In love!!!

    Absolutely in love with these earrings! Perfect size! Perfect color. So subtle & cuntlike.
    Quick & easy shipping also. Will be ordering more from site.

    F***ing Awesome

    This bottle is one of a kind, this is now my absolute favorite bottle to drink from!

    No. Ring
    Always the Best!

    I love my rings and mask!! The “Fuck It” ring pushes me to exercise, and the “No” ring reminds me to rest. Perfect for my MS and me!

    Love them!

    I am so pleased with my new earrings! Shipping was painless and they are great quality and super cute. I love when people ask what they say lol.

    LOVE IT!!

    I ordered this necklace in black & I love it. Very well made & looks great

    So glad I picked these up!

    So cute and really high quality. They are solid. Won’t bend or break.

    Will be buying more!!!

    These are so cute. Can’t recommend enough. I didn’t think anybody would notice them or be able to read them but in pink rose gold I had a lot of people blushing after reading them! Different reactions all round but no regrets. Wearing them proudly!!! 😊😊

    A must

    I never take it off. Life is tough, but so am I. This bangle is the necessary reminder that I can and must keep going. Buy it for all of the incredible people in your life!

    Super Cute

    I love these. They are so fun to wear when I'm on a zoom meeting with work!


    I love how well they tint the sunlight! They look just as good as the photos and they come with cute sleek cases!

    Fuckin amazing



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