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My shirt

It's good material. I have to wear it as I've been getting over being sick. The shirt is lovely with martial and nice stiching. Plus a wholesome message people should already know by now

So soft!

This product fits perfectly and it’s he material is great! I love the quality almost as much as the message it sends.

Love it!

I have this on my fridge and look at it every day and I absolutely love it!!


Love everything about this sweater and what it stands for. Super quick shipping and is perfect! Need to order more for the ladies in my fam. Thank you!!!!

Soft, comfortable tee!

I love my t-shirt. It is so soft and the 2xl fits me perfect. I especially love that the sleeves aren't too short or too long. It feels like the shirt was made by someone who actually knows what a female body looks like. So many plus sized shirts are just large boxy versions of smaller shirts. Not this one. Also, the image is perfection.


This shirt gets directly to the point and I dare anybody to approach me to argue when I wear it!!! Super comfy, too. And to Jennifer who left a one star review: the money supports a newborn baby and portions are donated to worthy causes. And cussing to cuss is the FUCKING TITS!!!!


Great quality shirt! Definitely going to purchase more!

Love it!

Great quality chain. The message is very easy to read. Even though it is bigger than I imagined, it is still light and doesn't bother my wife to wear. Added bonus it is a great conversation starter with new moms!

I'm old... :)

I am a 40 year old man with an inside joke about loving only on Tuesdays. I saw this and thought nothing about any hidden meanings. My wife and I got some amazing laughs out of it. The staff at Metal Marvels was absolutely amazing and switched it out super quick with the WTF bangle. I hope they got some laughs out of it also! I cannot recommend Metal Marvels to much! The quality is really good and my wife loves the new WTF bangle!


Love the design, and the shirt itself is super comfy and high quality fabric. Couldn't be happier with this purchase!!

Exactly what I wanted

Awesome image, great quality. Can’t wait to wear this out and about with my mask on in my (unfortunately) Trumpy hometown to get people completely twisted! Love this company and the merchandise. Thank you for being authentic and making products many of us believe in.

Fucking perfect

I love this mug so much. I use it every morning.

LOVE them!

Second time ordering! The rainbow ones are beautiful. I mix & match the other colors with the rainbow to suit my mood that day!

Love it!

Amazing quality shirt! Super comfy and super cute! Can't wait to buy more!

So funny and smelly!

Smelly good! Perfect candle for the perfect fucking mom (my sister-in-law).


This mug is everything I wanted it to be. The size is great and the message IS SO NEEDED! F*ck the patriarchy!

Love this

Best shirt ever

Bad quality and customer service

I trusted a TikTok influencer about this website and it went bad. This shirt is not worth $33 by any stretch. I mentioned it on instagram and got gaslit by the owner. I only hope some of the money was actually donated as the tiktoker said but who knows. Also, cussing just to cuss isn’t funny.

Hello Jessica. Firstly, no one gaslit you. Secondly, these are good quality tees, of which we've never had issues with quality wise. Which is why I asked you to send me a photo of the tee as I assumed it was a printing quality issue. Which is plausible (because shit happens) and fixable. The influencer has the tee + wouldn't promote it if it were shit. Again, if it's a printing issue, please send me a photo. I'd love to fix it for you! I take pride in the items I create + sell, want it to be right + as advertised (which are NOT made with a cricut). Thirdly, yes, the money is automatically donated when you click checkout. Please let me know if we can get you a reprint.
- Katie, CEO

Love it

Obsessed. Ordered my normal size and it fits perfectly. Got it in bright pink and wore it to the garden center soon after it was delivered. Had an 80+ yo woman walk up and ask where I got it. :)


Love it. Sized up for a looser fit and it’s absolutely perfect.

Love it!

Fits great and I love the message ❤️

Hell yeah!

I ordered this shirt in black and it's super comfortable. Sizing is good and the message is clear. Burn down the damn patriarchy, friends!

Great quality and beautiful design

Love the art and obviously the pro-abortion message. It's beautifully done and the shirt is very soft, super comfy!

Amazing Coffee Mug!!

I brought this to work to use there and everyone in the office asked me where I got it as they want one now also!!!

Great fit. Great message.

I don't mince words, and neither does this shirt. I have a large chest, and that makes it difficult to find tees that fit correctly. I'm happy to report there were zero problems and its SUPER soft!