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"I’m pretty picky about my sunglasses, so ordering them online made me a little nervous. But these are my favorite sunglasses I’ve ever had! They look so cute on, and it’s a bonus that you’re helping change the world! Win win. If you’re thinking about buying these, JUST DO IT!"

- Alicia

Betty Sunnies

"I just received these glasses a few days ago for doing my school upgrading online, and it has already helped fight off the screen headaches! Next step actual glasses, but the blue light filter is awesome, and they're super cute as well! I'm a sucker for anything sparkly. Love them!"

- Emily

Blue Light Blockers

"I tell everyone I know about these glasses. The size is perfect, the weight is perfect, and the style is perfect. I've been wearing them everyday since I got them. I get migraines on a regular biases and stare a computer for almost 12 hours a day so these glass have been a godsend."

- Anaisa

Sam Glasses

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