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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    LOVE IT!!!!

    I am always so fucking in love with every single product I get from Katie! Thank you gorgeous! I even started ordering for my friends because they all want to rock your jewelry too!

    Love it!

    Perfect color (I got 2 rose and 1 gold), visible black text even though they are the smaller size, I was worry that they will scratch because they came in the same package but NO scratch to be found! I was afraid that they will breack when I ajust the size to my wrist but now I know how durable they are. Oh and I love they sound they make... its like a reminder off the text message on them. The logo inside them is really nice as well. Quality!

    Ballin' Bridesmaids

    I order a bunch of bangles for my bridemaids and I LOVE them. Online they were so cute but in person they were even better. I'm only sad that I didn't order one for myself and I will probably do that asap.

    Fucking Love This

    The pairing of the two are amazing, and they work amazingly with everything else I own!!

    I don't wear jewelry - I made an exception for these

    I generally do not wear jewelry - not even my wedding ring. However, I fell in love with these instantly - I got a few of the various expletive bangles to wear as a set. And no joke, I was wearing them during a stressful work period and these gave me that little bit of inspiration to give myself a kick in the butt, and get my hustle on!

    The quality is great and the inscription is such that you can wear it out and people wouldn't automatically see the cursing or anything unless they look a little closer - so I would still wear them to the office etc

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