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    My name is Katie + I'm the #GirlBoss behind Metal Marvels. Born/raised/living in Huntington Beach, CA. I'm a lover of strong but sweet coffee, which you'll notice frequently in our morning quotes on our Instagram. I believe in breaking down the ideals of being "lady-like" and being yourself. 
    I've worked in retail my entire life but always found myself ending up stagnant + lethargic. The type of work wasn't the issue but mostly the stalemate constantly presented by no opportunity to move up and strive for better. Well that would just not work for me. I'm hustler at heart + born to be an entrepreneur. I decided that in order to fulfill my happiness + wants in life I needed to work for myself. In 2012 about a year away from graduating college, Metal Marvels was born. A lot of brands claim to be bold but don't really cross that line. Metal Marvels stomps all over it. I came to realize that in being my true self within this business, that I wanted to build a brand + a place for women to be themselves without fear of judgement. I strive to always put out the message that it is more than OK to be yourself, even if others don't like it. Far too often in society we're told to be like others to be liked + quite frankly I think that's bullshit. So my goal is provide you with jewelry that distinguishes you from the rest. I want to inspire more women to wear what they want, dress how they want, think how they want + be themselves. I want items we sell to make you feel like you can conquer the world however you choose, to be yourself unapologetically, to not care what others think + to kick ass in life. I will always encourage kindness, heavy coffee drinking + lots of cursing. I absofuckinlutely want you to be yourself + hope you feel that here + with our jewelry. You all make my  so fucking full. So buy the badass jewelry even if others don't like it, live for you, do what makes you happy regardless of what other people think. Create your dreams according to your plans, hustle no matter what your goals are and to keep working until you can live your daydream. I want you to stand out, stand up for yourself, be confident, stop caring what people think + be you, unapologetically.

    You're a bad ass, own your life, conquer it & make it your bitch.
    We're here to make sure you look gorgeous while doing it.